Why is Invisalign so Expensive?

Is Invisalign Really Expensive?

Why is invisible braces treatment so expensive? This is the question in many patient’s mind when they seek orthodontic treatment. But the question is, are they really expensive?

Before answering this question, you must first understand a few important points about invisalign invisible braces. Invisalign is the largest manufacturer of clear aligners world wide and has been proven technology for the last 20 years. It is the most trusted brand in the world when it comes to invisible braces and 5 million patients have chosen invisalign for their smile correction!

Invisalign is an International brand based in the USA and has spent almost 50 billion dollars in perfecting and continuously improving this technology over the last 10 years. So all the initial drawbacks and problems have been successfully trouble-shooted over the previous years. In 2019, invisalign is simply the undisputed king in the aligner world!

Today, with the advantage of SMART TRACK Technology, invisalign gives highly precise and guaranteed results even for the most complicated malocclusion, if done with the right Invisalign Specialist!

Invisalign is a pioneer in the world of clear aligners and is the guiding force for the development of clear aligners around the world. The clear aligner material has been upgraded over the last 20 years and today you have the best world class material which is highly comfortable, transparency, applies the right amount of pressure and moves the teeth in a precise way. In 2019, with the upgrade in technology and the world class Clin-check software for treatment customization, Invisalign has become 50% faster!

Yes! That’s true. The NEW GENERATION Invisalign is 50% faster compared to the old generation invisalign as well as rest of today’s aligners. This means that you can  your finish your orthodontic treatment in half the time compared to other appliances with excellent comfort.

Invisalign is truly a world class product which has given successful results in 5 million patients world wide. Invisalign is made up of clear medical grade plastic which has been tested for cyto-toxic studies and is FDA approved in the USA. The cost of invisalign reflects the unique quality, which does not exist in any other “Clear Aligner” available in Dubai! It is the appliance of choice for those who value Quality, Comfort and guaranteed treatment result. You also have the invisalign warranty, if you do your treatment with a platinum or gold provider orthodontist specialist in Dubai.

In short, it is similar to a top variant of Mercedes Benz, with all the high end precision German technology, Comfort and Luxury! It needs to be experienced to know the value of this proven product. Cheaper cars might be available, but again you get what you pay for and it’s ultimately your choice. But you cannot compare them with one another. That’s the fact!

When you decide to do a cataract surgery, you have the option of multiple lenses with different price tags. You don’t choose the cheapest monofocal lens. Why? Simply because you know it is NOT comfortable! You choose the best branded multifocal lens, which has been FDA approved, for your eyes. Why should it be any different for your teeth? You do your orthodontic treatment only once in your life time. You can always select the best, as you deserve the best!

Of course, many cheaper aligner products are available in the UAE , but none of them have the proven track record of efficiency and some of the aligner tray material are NOT approved by FDA. Cytotoxicity studies have not been done for many of the local brands and it’s effect on your oral mucosa and its cells are unknown. As they do not come with any warranty, you cannot do anything, if you do not get the desired treatment outcome. With invisalign, you have the option of “Unlimited Aligners” when you do your treatment with a Gold rated Invisalign Specialist. This means that, you get what you pay for, when you choose your aligner brand!

Some tooth movements require highly precise and calculated force application to achieve the wanted result. Smart track technology and the precision attachments which come with invisalign, can help with even the most complicated tooth movements. With other local aligner brands, complicated tooth movements will simply refuse to happen!

Now comes the question of cost! Almost all the orthodontists in Dubai will tell you that the cost of invisalign treatment is between AED 10,000 to AED 25,000. Why is there such a wide variation in the treatment cost for the same product and brand?

The fact is that, your malocclusion requires a number of aligners to align your teeth step by step. You start with aligner number 1 until you finish all your aligners. The number of aligners can vary between 7-30. Sometimes it can even increase up to 40 or 50 if you have a complicated malocclusion to start with! So, the treatment fee for a patient requiring 7 aligner will be less and the treatment cost for a patient requiring 30 aligners or more will be higher.

More than 90% of your orthodontic problems CANNOT be efficiently treated with the 7 aligner option, which is a fact many patients are not aware of! Most cases require around 30 aligners to get the best possible finish.

You also have the “Unlimited Aligner” option, which includes refinement to get the best finish, smile, treatment outcome and balanced occlusion. It is always wise to choose this option, as you don’t have to worry about spending extra, if your 7 aligner or 20 aligners does not give the desired result! As a Invisalign approved Gold Provider in Chennai, Dr. Nazeer offers this option for all his patients! All you have to do is to wear your aligners, straighten your teeth and flaunt that perfect Smile!

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