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Why Should I wear Retainers after finishing my braces treatment?

Your orthodontic treatment is NOT finished once your braces are removed! Your teeth needs to time to adapt to their new position and this usually takes anywhere between 12–18 months, for the surrounding tissues around your teeth, the bone and periodontal ligament to remodel. This is called as “retention phase”.

The teeth can easily move (Relapse) during this retention period, as the supporting bone is still a little “soft” and not yet completely calcified. Remember, your teeth was moved by braces by a physiological process known as bone remodelling. This remodelled bone needs enough time to become hard and strong.

It is therefore mandatory to have retainers to prevent relapse. You have invested your valuable time and money in your orthodontic treatment. Your orthodontist has put valuable effort and expertise in treating your malocclusion. The effort must not go waste!

Studies have shown that teeth are highly prone to relapse during the first 3 months after removal of braces. After 12 months, the risk of relapse reduces significantly, but NEVER becomes zero!

It is highly recommend to wear the retainers night-time while sleeping, for the first one year after the braces removal. Some advice full time wear, to ensure good patient compliance, as many patients tend to forget them easily. However, 12–14 hours of retainer usage is adequate in most cases.

After this retention phase (12–18 months) is completed, you don’t have to wear the retainers every night. The bone is completely reorganized by this time and your teeth will be in a more stable position.

Unfortunately, you can still expect some mild relapse, if you discard your retainers completely. It is advisable to continue wearing them for at least two nights a week, for the rest of your life, to prevent this risk.

Some orthodontist will place or cement a permanent retention wire on the back side of your teeth. However, the risk of bacteremia due to inadequate cleaning of the “permanent retainer” and the potential risk of dental caries, makes removable retainers as a better choice compared to fixed retainers.

Removable retainers are more hygienic and you must replace them at least every 3–4 years.

Yes. Retainers are meant for life time! The reason is that teeth always respond to force from your lips and tongue and are always ready to shift position. Once or twice a week retainer use for the rest of your life essentially serve as an “insurance” against relapse!

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