Do Braces Hurt?

Does it hurt when I move my crooked teeth with orthodontic braces? 

This is one of the most common doubt in every one’s mind when they think about correcting their misaligned teeth on the path to get a great smile. The new generation orthodontic appliances are easy and comfortable on your teeth.

When your doctor placed metal or ceramic braces on your teeth, the appliance is bonded on your teeth using a special resin cement and a special blue light helps in making the glue strong. Your orthodontist will place a super elastic nickel titanium arch wire which will run through all your brackets.

The initial pressure might give some discomfort in the first few days or maximum up to a week. After that, your teeth adapt to the pressure applied by the braces and from there it will be an absolutely comfortable experience.

Every month you will have to go for your braces adjustment appointment, where your orthodontist might tighten them a little more for reactivating your braces. At some appointments, your orthodontist might change your arch wire, depending on the treatment progress. Braces adjustment don’t hurt and will be similar to the initial pressure which you felt during the first appointment. You will feel comfortable within a few minutes after the adjustment.

At treatment completion, your orthodontist will remove your braces. The braces are removed with a special instrument and with your orthodontist’s expertise, the brackets pop right off without any pain or discomfort!

If done with the right dentist, you will be pleasantly surprised at how painless and comfortable your entire treatment was, right from the start to finish! This is the reason why it is important to do your orthodontic treatment with an experienced Specialist who uses the latest and advanced treatment protocols.

After the braces are removed, wear your retainers at night while sleeping and strictly follow the instructions of your doctor. Retainers will be needed for maintaining the teeth in the newly moved position until the surrounding bone and tissues adapt to their new environment.

When you align your teeth with invisible braces like Invisalign, the comfort level is higher than the fixed appliances. The ease of cleaning your teeth, able to eat any food without restrictions and the “invisible” nature of the appliance makes it one of the best treatment choice for orthodontic patients.


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