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Teeth cavities are common problems for many people. This is usually caused by the bacteria acting on the food entrapped on your teeth and producing acids. We at ORTHODONTIX Dental Clinic offer high quality aesthetic tooth colored fillings at an affordable price of AED 250 to 350 and is done by dentists with more than 15 years experience in the field of restorative dentistry.

Fillings are also used to repair cracked or broken teeth that have been worn down by trauma or teeth grinding. Early teeth cavity can be easily identified by your dentist and can be treated by pit and fissure sealants or tooth colored composite fillings. This will help to save your teeth and avoid future teeth extraction or root canal treatment if the decay reaches your pulp chamber teeth nerves.

Cheap and best teeth colored fillings in Dubai

If you already have an old composite filling which is discoloring or becoming yellow, you can choose to replace them with new fillings to give a fresh lease of life to your existing restorations. Our expert dentists make sure that the whole procedure is as painless as possible. Superficial cavities will be easy to clean and is generally painless. It will be then filled with a light-cured composite resin filling and the restoration is polished to perfection by your treating dentist at Orthodontix dental Clinic, Deira Dubai. If sensitivity is there then you have an option of numbing the tooth with a local anesthetic.

The fillings have high strength and you can eat immediately after the fillings are placed, without the need for any waiting period. You can also do multiple fillings at the same time as our expert dentists are good with their work and can make it comfortable for you with their experience.

Dental fillings can last for a long time if taken proper care of. If a filling has been identified to be chipped or fractured, you can simply repair it or replace it at an affordable cost. Sensitivity depends on the depth of the decay and will not be a problem in fillings done on superficial cavities. In deep cavities, some post operative sensitivity is normal and will generally subside over a few days time.

It is  recommended to follow up with your dentist every six months to find out any new starting cavities or any new cavities around the previously filled teeth. It is recommended to use a fluoride containing mouth rinse to prevent the risk of cavities on your teeth. Good brushing with daily use of fluoride mouth rinse has been proven by research to help in minimizing the risk of dental decay.

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