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Tooth extraction is needed when your teeth is grossly decayed or fractured beyond repair or is extremely loose and mobile. Your dentist will only remove your teeth if it is not possible to be restored by a filling or crown. Extraction procedures can be either simple or require some amount of moderate bone cutting (Surgical Extraction).

Simple extractions are done in a gentle manner, by loosening the teeth from the socket and removing it with an extraction forceps. Surgical extractions are usually done for wisdom teeth removal. Our dentists are extremely skilled in dental extraction and you can rest assured that you are in safe hands, when you decide to get your wisdom teeth removal with us. Our dentists treat you in a gentle way and the patient should feel only pressure, but no pain during the treatment. If stitches are necessary, usually the dental surgeon will use dissoluble stitches.

Teeth extraction are usually needed in the following situations.

  • Extra teeth which are obstructing other teeth from erupting.
  • Baby tooth which does not fall out even after it is due to exfoliate.
  • Wisdom teeth which cause pain and are infected.

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