Dental Scaling and Polishing in Dubai

Scaling and Polishing Offer in Dubai = AED 200/-

Dental cleaning or oral prophylaxis is the procedure where a dental professional will remove the plaque, stains and dental calculus around your teeth. It is usually done by a dentist or a dental hygienist. At Orthodontix Dental Clinic, our dentists are committed to maintaining your gum health and ensuring the longevity of your teeth.

It is a well known fact that professional dental cleaning is needed at least once in 6 months for maintaining the gum health around your teeth, as well as to prevent halitosis or unpleasant smell  from your mouth. No matter how well we brush or floss, there will still be parts of the mouth where will not be able to clean by ourselves, and need professional help. An ultrasonic scaler is most commonly used to dislodge the tartar and a gentle mist of water washes away the pieces. The teeth is then polished to smooth them. Extrinsic stains on the teeth like coffee and tobacco stains will also be removed during the oral prophylaxis procedure.

Book an appointment with our dentists at Orthodontix Dental Clinic for your teeth cleaning and you can leave with cleaner teeth and fresher breath! You can smile with more confidence.