Best invisalign treatment in Chennai

Invisalign is the latest revolution in orthodontics in 2019! We are the top dental clinic in Chennai for invisible braces. Get the most advanced & best invisible Braces in India for your Orthodontic treatment.

Do your invisalign confidently with an internationally acclaimed Specialist orthodontist in India & the only Invisalign Certified Gold Provider in Chennai!

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Dr. Nazeer

Award Winning Best Orthodontist in Chennai

Dr. Nazeer Ahmed Meeran is an expert in the treatment of complicated malocclusion with more than 15 years experience!

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Metal & Ceramic Braces

Comfortable & Premium Quality Metal and Ceramic braces treatment in Chennai for correction of crooked teeth! Get your celebrity smile today!

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Crooked teeth is not just a cosmetic problem but can also create difficulties in maintaining oral hygiene, leading to gum diseases and tooth decay. It is always best for you to get your misaligned teeth corrected by consulting a specialist dentist, orthodontist in India.

Do you want the best invisible braces in Chennai, India for correcting your crooked teeth? We are the leading Specialty Dental Care Clinic in Chennai, catering to orthodontic and orthognathic surgical needs in South India. As one of the top ranking orthodontist in the world, Dr. Nazeer Ahmed Meeran can help you with your goal of aligning your teeth and making them perfect.

Age is not a factor. You can get your teeth corrected at almost any age, thanks to the latest advancements in the field of orthodontics! Invisible braces are a boon for the adult patients.  Celebrities like actors & actresses, sports men, high level business men choose these aesthetic option to correct their crooked teeth & improve their smile! Orthodontic treatment can create amazingly beautiful smile and boost your confidence!


Best Invisible Braces in Chennai

Wanna Share a Secret With Your Orthodontist?

No one needs to know that you are getting your smile corrected! You can get your smile correction done in India with the latest invisible braces or Clear aligners. This is the current trend in orthodontic smile correction. They are  comfortable and give amazingly great results! Find out more about the cheapest and best invisible braces in T. Nagar Chennai, perfect for the correction of your malocclusion and misaligned teeth. Fast-track aligner treatment reduces your treatment duration! Find out more about invisible aligners in Chennai here.........

Damon Braces Treatment in India

Get the most advanced self ligation  braces in India from the Certified Advanced Level Damon braces provider, Dr. Nazeer Ahmed Meeran in Chennai.

Get your damon braces from the best dental clinic in Chennai. Find out more about damon braces......


Top Orthodontist in Chennai - Top Dental Clinic In India

Do You Know The Best Way To Choose The Right Orthodontist?

Do your google research and find out all the details about the dental and orthodontic treatment offered by the dentists and orthodontists from all the dental clinics in Chennai as well as the treatment cost.

Every one keeps  searching for the cheapest and best braces or invisalign treatment in India. Always remember that cheap braces might NOT always be the best!

Take your time to do your research before choosing your orthodontist.  Don't hesitate to ask your family & friends for their recommendation and feedback. Alternatively, you can also try to get a referral from your family dentist.

Try to find the state of art, top quality & best dental clinic in Chennai. Find out more about the invisible braces provider for celebrities in Chennai. Choosing an orthodontist with good clinical skills and expertise is always a wise decision when you decide to invest your money and time for your Invisalign or braces treatment in India.

Don't hesitate to ask questions to your orthodontist and ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your doctor. Ensure that you get all your doubts cleared before finalizing your orthodontist. Remember that he is going to be your treatment provider for the next 1 or 2 years!

Find out  if they use the latest advancements and technology in their treatment and last but definitely not the least, check if they have an affordable payment plan for you!

Invisible braces is always expensive, but worth the price for the excellent comfort & treatment result it delivers! After all, Excellence and Quality come at a price & it's all about Comfort and Luxury! And you need to be a celebrity to experience it!

Non - Extraction Orthodontic Treatment in Chennai

Worried that you need to remove some teeth for your orthodontic treatment?

One of a patient’s biggest concerns can be whether or not they need to have teeth removed to make way for that crowded smile. We understand how much you love your teeth!

Perhaps you’ve been to see an orthodontist in the past and they have told you teeth will need to be taken out, or perhaps you’re just wondering “how will they ever straighten all those crowded teeth?”

Don't worry! We are the only Specialty orthodontic dental clinic in Chennai exclusively providing Non-Extraction braces treatment protocol for orthodontic problems. We have the latest technology to give solutions for even the most severe dental malocclusion.

Using the most advanced orthodontic appliances available, we are able to correct the issues associated with an overcrowded smile.

By expanding the dental arch to create room for a complete set of teeth, many patients are able to achieve a broader, more beautiful and natural smile, while attaining a more attractive facial structure.

Non-extraction orthodontics is a popular choice for patients wishing to achieve a straighter smile without the need for removing any of their natural permanent teeth.

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Functional Appliance Treatment

Worried that your kid has jaw protrusion or deficient jaw growth? Skeletal problems of jaw growth can be easily corrected in growing children by functional appliances like Twin-block.

Get them done with the best orthodontist in Chennai. Book an appointment with us if you suspect skeletal problems in growing children. Know more about the different orthopedic functional appliances  available for treatment of your kids jaw growth & skeletal problems.....



What is Unique About Us?

Situated near pondy bazaar in T.Nagar, the heart of Chennai, ease of access and parking makes life easy for our patients.  We are the only specialty Orthodontic Center which caters exclusively for invisible braces . We are  recognized Platinum & Gold rated Invisalign provider in Chennai!

Schedule an appointment with Dr.Nazeer and do your invisible braces treatment in the comfort & privacy you deserve. After all, nobody understands celebrities better than us! We respect your privacy & value your time. Call us to book an appointment and a specialist dentist will answer your call and guide you through the process.